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Hi, my name is Joseph, and I am a creator who likes to think outside the box to produce innovative, efficient solutions.

After graduating from college, I am taking a gap year before applying to masters program in human-computer interaction. Originally, I was suppose to travel to Bali, Iceland, and other cool places around the world to learn more about different cultures and tradition, but due to COVID-19, I am now back at home in NYC. I am currently a UX engineer intern at 👨🏻‍🎨 VSA Partners where I am working with other creatives to create a tool in response to current global issues! (I am also working on a cool game on the side.)

I used to be a developer, but I quickly fell in love with UX design as I worked more on frontend work. (A lot of my past works have an interesting mix of engineering and design.) To me, UX design is the bridge that connects lines of codes to people and empowers the users. It also humanizes what would be just 0s and 1s into something that is part of our everyday lives. This captivated me a lot.

Still, there are aspects from my computer science background that have been helpful to my creative thinking. It has allowed me to see the building blocks of software engineering and rising fields such as machine learning and AR/VR, providing me insight on the potential of technology!

University of Notre Dame
| B.S. in Computer Science '20
Human Computer Interaction, Technical Aspects of Visual Effects, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Systems Programming, Algorithms, Case Studies in Entrepreneurship, Operating Systems, Smart Health
Yonsei University
| Study Abroad
Stuyvesant High School
| Honors Regents Diploma
Advanced Designation and Mastery in Math and Science

Fitness, Cooking, Photography!

Whatever you value, be committed to it and let nothing distract you from this goal.